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Finally a digital Canadian Stamp News

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We're finally ready to take the wraps off our special project: a digital version of Canadian Stamp News.

Our new product is basically an electronic version of our existing magazine, but it will be made available online the same day the print copies are put in the mail. That means you get your digital copy quickly, anywhere in the world.

The digital version is hot-linked, meaning that you can click on advertisements, websites, or email addresses on the digital page to get more information, or send a quick message.

The digital version is available through the website of our "visual printer" Zinio. Now you can read Canadian Stamp News anywhere you have access to the Internet, which amounts to almost the entire planet today.

Canadian Stamp News is a large page publication with lots of small type. While you can view the web page on a smartphone, it may involve a lot more scrolling than you like, unless you have a telephone with a 15-inch screen, you will find yourself scrolling quite a bit. I've tried it, and while it may not be my first choice, it is possible.

CSN on Zinio

For now, the price of a digital version is the same as a print version. While it is true that we don't have to pay to print electronic magazines, we have a number of additional costs that are unique to the digital format. You can convert from print to digital if you choose for the remainder of your subscription.

Right now we're at the early stage of a digital experience, but I'm quite sure it is just the start of a whole new way for you and me to share our love of stamps.

To go digital, click here.

Bret Evans
Managing Editor


April 8, 2014 to April 21, 2014

CSN cover

CP says 85 cents is enough

By Bret Evans

Canada Post has announced that 85-cents postage will be considered sufficient first-class postage.

"In regards to the new rate, if you use three 25-cent and one 10-cent stamp, it will be considered fully paid," Canada Post official Anick Losier told Canadian Stamp News.

The statement was in response to a question regarding if 85-cent or $1 stamps would be required to mail a letter in Canada, after April 1, 2014...

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Jim Phillips may not know what all of Canada is thinking at any given time, but in his position as director of stamp services with Canada Post, he sometimes comes pretty close.

In his 15 years with the stamp services group, he has learned that Canadians are passionate not only about what is placed on their postage, but in what form it takes, and how much of that postage is produced.

He has heard his share of the good, the bad and the philately ugly, and he couldn't be happier.

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